Frequently Asked Questions ..and THE ANSWERS

How soon after having a baby can I work out?

Most medical professionals will give you the all clear to get back into exercise 6 weeks post partum if you had a natural delivery. If you had a caesarean, that can be 10 weeks or longer. Seek your Doctor’s advice – particularly if you had any complications during pregnancy or giving birth.

What if I had a caesarean?

Whilst the external incision heals in around 6 weeks the lower layers take months to completely knit back together. The general advice for a generally complication free c section is 6 to 10 weeks … but see your Doctor to make sure.

Can I come if I don’t have a child?

Totally Welcome! Anyone is welcome to the classes, as long as you don’t mind that sometimes children may be noisy whilst you work out.

I’ve never done Pilates before – does that matter?

Not at all – everyone has different levels of experience. All Fat Free Mama teacher’s will make sure that you are always exercising safely and as effectively as possible with a your child or children in the same room.

Is Pilates ‘Girly’?

YES! Pilates is GRRRRRRRRRLLY! We think pilates is as hard and tough as anything and invite you to bring along anyone declaring that pilates is only for girls to come and give it a go. They mightn’t realise that the most hardened elite athletes usually get their butts kicked in a pilates session.. but come and try us out….we DARE you.

Does it matter if I’m not very fit?

Not at all, we love you at all stages of your fitness career!

I’m really fit and am worried I won’t get a good workout with a bunch of tired mums?

Not at all. We love you at all stages of your fitness career! It won’t take us long to get to know you and when we see that you are already a fit goddess then we will push you to even greater Godessness.

What should I do if I have a previous injury?

If you are concerned about an injury or are having treatment for something, please feel free to email us your practitioners details so that your trainer can discuss your injuries and the ramifications they have on your movement with them. We will require your permission for this.

How do I get started? Why do I have to keep filling out a PARQ?

If you’ve tried a class and liked it, we’ll ask you to choose a package option and to fill out a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to make sure that you are not in any health risk category that requires a Doctor’s permission to start exercise. Forms can be a drag and we have tried to keep everything down to a minimum but any forms that we ask you to fill out are requirements of our insurance company.

What happens in the wet weather/winter time?

We KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!! If its ‘rain Sydney style, we simply wait a few minutes. Countless studies have proven that being outdoors is just as healthy for us in the wet months. Staying focused in the winter months keeps colds and flu’s at bay and keeps you energized and happy

What shall I wear to the sessions?

Supportive bra, comfortable training kit and good trainers (no – not those 3 year old things you have in your wardrobe!). For outdoor workouts, wear things that you don’t mind getting a bit grubby. If it’s raining bring a protective rain coat, and maybe a baseball cap, gloves and leg warmers (good tip for avoiding soggy trackies/leggings). Always make sure children are nice and warm in the colder months as Fat Free Mama goes regardless of the weather!

What should I bring to the classes?

Sun Block, a towel or yoga mat, water, and if it’s raining please bring your sense of humour and wet weather protective gear.

What will my child do during the sessions? Will there be childcare there?

Fat Free Mama was developed on the concept of ‘They see, they do’ so we love your kids. You will be completely responsible for the care of your child or children. Fat Free Mama does not provide childcare. We recommend that you bring some loved toys, books and snacks to keep them entertained so that you can work-out in peace. Not all classes are designed for kids participation but they are welcome.

What happens if my baby/child/teenager cries during a session?

Most Mama’s are just grateful that it’s not their child crying so don’t feel bad if your little one has a meltdown occasionally. If you need to walk or hold your baby/child/teenager for any reason, then we will always try to make sure you keep moving with safe, appropriate exercises.

What does ‘take photos’ and ‘measurements’ to log progress mean?

From experience, we have found that people get better results when there is a sense of accountability. It’s always great to look back and see for yourself the before and after photographs. All photographs are discreet torso and leg shots of target areas and measurements show inch loss which is a far more effective means to monitor body change or weight loss than the scales.

How many people are in a session?

Group PT/Buddy Session sizes vary but we prefer small. We know that when you learn to do the exercises properly, you will not injure yourself and you will get better results. We take results very seriously so we will always endeavour to make sure you are well looked after in a class. If the time slot you want is full, you can be on the waiting list for the next available spot.

Where should I meet the instructor?

See the Map and Directions Page for where to meet your instructor for buddy training and group exercise classes. If you’re running late, let us know and we’ll either wait or let you know where we are. . Sometimes we have wet weather/dark weather alternatives but your instructor will always let you know if there are any changes.

Can I still come if my child is unwell?

All kids get bugs here and there. If you think your child has a contagious infection please take precautions to protect others.

What if I’m ill or injure myself and am unable to complete my sessions?

Please get a doctors certificate if you are unable to continue your sessions due to an injury or ill health. Without this note, we are unable to hold your remaining lessons over. We have a 24hour cancellation policy. We love training you – and will always try to reschedule a session to avoid having to miss out.