A great personalised programme tailored to suit your time, lifestyle, budget and specific needs

Whether it’s getting the body back after a baby or getting ready for a Wedding, sun soaked holiday or your first Tough Mudder – a goal specific package is a great deal. Perfect gift for yourself, an expecting Mama, or anyone you know who would love to get into shape.

Outdoor Circuit
Prenatal & birth readiness

Rip 60
Altitude Training & Free Form
Post-natal Fitness & Health

Cardio Interval Training
Injury Rehabilitation
Birth Readiness

Vibration Training
Dance Condition & Rehab
Buddy Training


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Mixing it up with fully equipped pilates studio, altitude training, boxing, Vibration, Climbing Fitwall, Freeform and RIP 60!

A unique fusion of specially selected pilates exercises, traditional strength, cardiovascular and stability training that focus on building the core, balance, alignment, strength, tone and fitness. Each session fuses a pilates workout with fun, but intense conditioning/toning workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness and can be modified to rehabilitate injuries, and for pre or postpartum. Great option for anyone hoping to improve performance and look fantastic.

Fully Equipped Studio
Core Strength
Sports Injury Prevention

Lower Back Pain
Posture & Alignment
Reclaim your pelvic floor

Pilates, strength & stamina sessions

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Having a baby in a pram needn’t stop you working out. Make friends and bring your kids along too.

We love kids and we love having them around. To keep costs down we don’t have a nanny but we love your little ones joining in for free …we want them to exercise for the rest of their lives – just like Mama. Conditioning power interval style Outdoor Classes to burn that baby fat and get you fitting back into your old clothes and to give you the energy you’ll need to keep up with all your new demands. With or without your pram. Call now to inquire about the Centennial Park / Queens Park classes or to book a time for your mothers group.

We love your kids
Burn that Baby Fat

Look & Feel better than ever
Have fun & make friends

Wheels & Dolls & Babies

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Train with a buddy or partner! Looking to find a buddy to train with? Click here and we’ll help you out!

Fun, varied workouts specialising in fat loss, body shaping and sharing the fun with a friend or family member. If you don’t have a buddy with similar goals and availabilities then we’ll do our best kino find you one. Send us an email to enquire

Bring the kids along
Burn Fat
Value for money

Look & Feel better than ever
Have fun and make friends
Share the Expense and the fun

Buddy training

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Seriously Fun fat loss. 45 minute smash it session followed by a dip in the ocean and a regrounding meditation – fun and effective

Mondays and Wednesdays at 6am. Book your place NOW

Fun, varied workouts specialising in fat loss! Expect roller blades, swimming, boxing, bicycles and Outdoor circuit style group Ex, inspired by our cross fit brothers and sisters where you won’t be expected to shake ropes and roll tyres up a hill. Expect guest appearances from Rip 60, Boxing, Circuits, cardio sprints, power pilates and lots more. Always fun, Always different and Always working you to your own personal limit – all fitness levels welcome.

Bring the kids along
Burn Fat & Get Fit
Variety, Fun and Value

Look & Feel hotter than ever
Have fun and make friends
Never Boring

Burn fat & get fit outside

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*Some extra hire costs may occasionally be incurred in the name of mixing it up.