Photo Log / Goal Setting / Values Determination


Photo Log

Here’s What we Do

1. Take a Headless Shot on Session ONE

2. Your Trainer will email this shot to you and date and keep it in a special folder

3. Your next photo shoot will be booked for 5 to 6 weeks forward

4. You will be emailed a GOAL SETTING list and asked to set 3 GOALS in each area of your life

5. To really succeed optional VALUES DETERMINATION chart you will be asked to fill out to help determine your values. WARNING:- You may be surprised at what you discover about yourself.

6.For maximum success you will be asked to link your health goals to your DETERMINED VALUES.


Goal Setting

Goals are an important way to keep focused and feel like the hard work s worth the effort. The half an hour you spend today searching deeply to find what you want from your training and how it can serve you in your life as a woman, a mother and a valuable member of our society.

Please tick which of the following are your goals – then number them in order of importance and date

 Fat loss  Improve fitness level
 Increased muscle mass  Increase overall muscle tone
 General health and stress relief  Maintain current fitness level
 Correct posture and/or alignment  Other
 Rehabilitation of injuries


ULTIMATE Goal _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Completion date ___________________________________________________________________

Reward _________________________________________________________________________


Specific Goal 1 ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________     Completion date ____________________________________________________________________

Reward ___________________________________________________________________________

Specific Goal 2 _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Completion date ____________________________________________________________________

Reward ___________________________________________________________________________

Specific Goal 3 _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

Completion date ____________________________________________________________________

Reward ___________________________________________________________________________